Déjà Vu: A History and Study of Electric Vehicles and the Oil Market Today

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G&R Q1 2018 Commentary Table of ContentsIn every meeting we attend, everyone wants to discuss the electric vehicle. We’ve decided to tackle the subject in depth — and have come away with some very different conclusions.

Many investors believe that electric vehicles are one of the primary drivers for a bearish outlook for oil. At G&R Associates, our research is telling us something completely different.

In addition to providing our research and outlook on the various commodities markets, this quarter we share additional research on electric vehicles. We know that this is an incredibly complicated subject and there are many disagreements on how the data should be analyzed and interpreted. Also, the issue of climate change and how the vehicle transportation fits into this problem, has created a discussion filled with strong emotion and debate. Please understand that our viewpoint is flexible and open to change. All we ask is that you please read the essay on electric vehicles with an open mind.

Read Goehring & Rozencwajg’s commentary to learn:

  • Contrarian research on the electric vehicle and the impacts to oil and commodities
  • Why investors should be patient with precious metals and consider increasing exposure to oil and agricultural related equities
  • Market insights on global oil, natural gas and precious metals markets

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