On The Verge Of An Energy Crisis

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2020.Q2-Commentary-coverHow quickly can oil supply be brought back to meet recovering demand?

That is the critical question investors are asking, and the one we strive to answer in this quarter’s in-depth commentary. While most investors believe the lost production will be easily brought back online, our models tell us something vastly different. While OPEC+ production will likely rebound, non-OPEC+ supply will be extremely challenged. Instead of recovering, our models tell us that non-OPEC+ production is about to decline dramatically from today’s already low levels.                    

Download our newest commentary, On The Verge Of An Energy Crisis, which is dedicated providing color around the issues now surrounding global oil markets.

Also included are extensive analyses on:

  • The 40-year odyssey of Schlumberger
  • In-depth review of the natural gas market
  • Breakdown of sources of global oil supply

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