Hubbert's Peak is Here

2023.Q1 Commentary Cover Image

The only source of growth over the past decade, the shales, are now beginning to show signs of exhaustion.

In 2019 we detailed our neural network and explained why the Permian Basin would peak later in the decade. In retrospect, we were too conservative.

Productivity in the Permian fell last year for the first time in history.

Our newest commentary, Hubbert’s Peak is Here, looks at what is driving lower productivity in the shales, and why recent trends could predict field exhaustion across the shales.

Download our Q1 2023 commentary for insight into:

  • Why the Permian may peak later this year
  • Why we remain bullish on natural gas
  • Trends that could spell the end of the US dollar as a global reserve currency
  • Where commodity markets go from here

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